The Biomarkers and Susceptibility Unit (UBS) aims to discover and validate molecular biomarkers in cancer, with implications for diagnosis, prognosis and response to treatment. The Unit has extensive experience in investigating how genetics, immunology, metabolism, the microbiome, diet, and lifestyles influence the risk, prognosis, and response to gastrointestinal cancer treatment. The Unit is also in charge of coordinating the ICO Biobank (IBB), a support structure for clinical and epidemiological research that facilitates the acquisition and preservation of biological samples.

The Unit has two sections: Genetic Epidemiology, and Cancer Heterogeneity and Immunogenomics.

UBS lines of work:

• Microbiome-host interaction and cancer

• Interaction between genetic variants and environmental risk factors in cancer

• Optimization of cancer screening

• Pancreatic cancer

• Molecular heterogeneity and crosstalk between cancer cells and microenvironment

• Immune blocking treatments and predictive biomarkers

• Neoantigen-based vaccines