A multicenter study with researchers from the Oncology Data Analytics Program (PADO) of the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), together with the Biodonostia Sanitary Research Institute, among others, have published in Nutrients the results of the correlation between the inflammatory diet and the antioxidant diet with the risk of developing colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Dr. Mireia Obón-Santacana of ICO-IDIBELL, as the first author, has participated in the research and has been led by Dr. Pilar Amiano, principal investigator in IIS Biodonostia, and Dr. Victor Moreno Moreno, head of PADO. Part of the study has been possible thanks to the financing of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

In this new study, scientists have specifically analyzed the Spanish population with the Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII) and the Non-Enzymatic Antioxidant Capacity (NEAC), which are two useful and validated tools to estimate the inflammatory potential and the antioxidant potential of the diet. To carry out the study, 1852 cases of colorectal cancer and 1567 cases of breast cancer were included, together with 3447 and 1487 control cases, respectively. The study is based on data from 12 Spanish provinces.

“Having a pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant diet is a very important risk factor in colon cancer, the positive part is that it is a modifiable factor and that, therefore, it can be changed,” says Dr. Mireia Obón. “Therefore, in order to prevent this cancer, it is very important to follow the recommendations of official and international agencies. We must modify our eating habits towards a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and healthy oils, like olive oil and move away from a more pro-inflammatory diet, “she argues.

Finally, what Dr. Mireia Obón proposes is to “implement nutrition education strategies with the help of nutritionists and health professionals, in order to follow the dietary recommendations so that the population can change their habits”.


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