eQTL analysis is an approach to study functional SNPs identified in GWAS. The web tool that we provide at https://www.colonomics.org/eQTL-browser allows easy analysis of expression and eQTL specific for colon tissue and will help researchers in the area to identify which SNPs deserve further functional research. The tool calculates Pearson or Spearman correlation, and allows to select tissue type for analysis. Data and plots can be exported.



Detailed eQTL analysis has performed specific for colon tissue on a series of 97 colon tumours, their adjacent normal mucosa and 47 colon mucosa samples donated by healthy individuals.

The cis-eQTL analyses (SNP in proximity to the gene) has revealed 29,073 SNP-gene associations with permutation-adjusted P-values < 0.01. These correspond to 363 unique genes. The trans-eQTL (SNP distant to the gene) analysis has identified 10,665 significant SNP-gene associations, most of them in the same chromosome, further than 1 Mb of the gene.


http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ 30283144

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