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Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer, Bioestatistics and Bioinformatics

09/80-07/86    School of Medicine, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. Degree: MD
09/87-09/90     Department of Pharmacology, School of medicine, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. Degree: PhD

2011                Chair of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, SpainRESEARCH CAREER

03/10 – act.     Director, Cancer  Prevention and Control Program, Catalan Institute of Oncology, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona
01/08-03/10    Chief, Unit of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Catalan Institute of Oncology, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona
06/07– act.      Associate Professor. Dep. Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona
05/06-05/07    Visiting Professor, Dep. Internal Medicine. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, EEUU
01/96-12/07    Epidemiology and Cancer Registry Service, Institut Català d’Oncologia, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona.
04/94-12/95    Epidemiology and Cancer Registry Service, Ciudad Sanitaria y Universitaria de Bellvitge, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona.
07/94-06/94    Post Doc, Unit of Field and Intervention Studies. Agència Internacional per la Investigació del Càncer (IARC), Lyon, França.
05/90-07/05    Associate Professor. Bioestatistics and Epidemiology Lab. Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Barcelona
Peinado MA, Risques RA, Vendrell E, Capellà G, Grau M, Obrador A, Tarafa G, Moreno V, Solé X, Rosell E, Piulats J
Genetic analysis of biological samples in arrayed expanded representations of their nucleic acids
Reg. no. 02797953.3-2402-EP0209937, Merck FQ, Mollet del Vallés, BarcelonaLouis M. Staudt, George Wright, Sandeep Dave, Bruce Tan, John I. Powell, Wyndham Wilson, Elaine Jaffe, Wing C. Chan, Timothy Greiner, Dennis Weisenburger, James Armitage, Kai Fu, Richard I. Fisher, Lisa Rimsza, Thomas Miller, Thomas Grogan, Elias Campo, Sylvia Bea, Itziar Salaverria, Armando Lopez-Guillermo, Emili Montserrat, Victor Moreno, Andreas Zettl, German Ott, Hans-Konrad Muller-Hermelink, Andreas Rosenwald, Julie Vose, Randy Gascoyne, Joseph Connors, Erlend Smeland, Stein Kvaløy, Harald Holte, Jan Delabie, T. Andrew Lister
Methods for identifying, diagnosing, and predicting survival of lymphomas
US  Application Nº 11/493,387, National Institute of Health, July 25th, 2006Verónica Fernández, Elias Campo, Elena Hartmann, Víctor Moreno, Andreas Rosenwald
Método y kit para predecir la supervivencia de pacientes con linfomas de células del manto
ES 200703071, Spain , University of Barcelona, Catalan Institute of OncologyLevy Kopelovich, Steven M. Lipkin, Gad Rennert, Stephen B. Gruber, Victor Moreno
Identification of subjects likely to benefit from statin therapy
PCT/US2008/082359, Parent:  60/985,587
Priority Data: 60/985,587   05.11.2007   US
Gruber Stephen B, Moreno Victor, Rennert Gad, Rozek Laura
Polymorphic Nucleic Acids Associated With Colorectal Cancer And Uses Thereof 
Patent Number(s): US2009092987-A1; WO2009046422-A2
Priority Data: 60/977,888 05.10.2007 US
Pamplona R, Sierra A, Oliva B, Moreno V, Gil JM
Method for determining the risk of developing brain metastasis and a kit to carry out said method
Priority Data: P 200930294 10.06.2009 ES
1987-    Biometric Society
1988-    Royal Statistical Society
1990-    Spanish Epidemiological Society
1996-     American Statistical Association
1996-     International Society for Clinical Biostatistics
1991-05    Society for Epidemiologic Research
1991-05    International Epidemiological Association
1991-98    Society for Clinical Trials
03-date     Member of the Review Board of Grant Applications of the Fondo de Investigaciones de la Seguridad Social, Instituto de Salud Carlos III.
03-date    Regular reviewer of grant applications of the Catalan Agency of Health Technology Assessment
07-date    Ad hoc grant reviewer of Cancer Epidemiology (EPIC) Study Section, NIH.