The main objective of the Bioinformatics Unit for Precision Oncology (UBOP) is to apply bioinformatics to contribute to the development and implementation of precision oncology in clinical practice, so that patients can receive the most appropriate treatments based on the molecular characteristics of their tumors. The UBOP operates in the fields of research and clinic. Specifically, it coordinates the bioinformatic analyzes of advanced molecular diagnosis with sequencing of somatic and germline alterations, which are carried out at the ICO-HUB. Additionally, the UBOP also actively contributes to the development and dissemination of bioinformatics and precision oncology at the Bellvitge campus through the lines of action detailed below.

Clinical lines of work / healthcare:

• Design of bioinformatics and computational tools for the analysis of gene panels with NGS sequencing to aid in cancer diagnosis and in decision-making for the treatment of patients, both at the level of somatic cancer and hereditary cancer.

• Bioinformatic analysis for the molecular diagnosis of patients with rare diseases, in conjunction with the HUB.

• Identification of biomarkers for molecular classification and prediction of response to treatment in lung cancer and malignant pleural mesothelioma.

• Development of new bioinformatics methodologies for the stratification of cancer patients for a better definition of their prognosis and their response to treatment.

• Development of new bioinformatics methodologies to identify new therapeutic alternatives in cancer patients.

• Development of new approaches to extend precision oncology to multiple types of omic data.

• Establish close collaborations with clinical oncologists and molecular biologists at ICO and other institutions with the aim of creating synergies and developing joint research projects in the field of precision oncology.